Chaga in chunks is a high quality grade of wildcrafted Siberian chaga mushroom harvested in the wilderness of Siberian taiga. We have cleaned the chaga, cut to 10-15 cm chunks and dried it properly in special infrared ovens with automated temperature control.

Therefore purchasing our chaga you can be assured that you are buying 100% ecologically and sanitarily clen and potent high quality chaga mushroom.

How to use big chaga chunks.

1. One can prepare chaga tea from it - but it is recommended crushing big chunks to smaller pieces, like 0,5-1cm size.

2. If you do not want or cannot make the crushing, you could prepare chaga decoction. Just put several big chunks of chaga into the pot, add cold water and leave it on the kitchen stove until the water in the pot boils. Then decrease the heat to a small level and keep the chaga on the stove for another 40 minutes. Of course this is not the best way for chaga drink preparation because many useful bacteria and enzymes would die during the boiling and heating process.

The received decoction should be drunk within the same day. Do not leave it for next day. Alternatively keep it in a fridge for 1-2 days max.

3. There is one more way of utilizing chaga decoction though. It can be used for taking a rejuvenating bath. Such application of chaga decoction would probably be the best one. Sinply pour the whole pot of chaga decoction down in the warm water of the bath. Take a bath as usual. Such spa procedure will take a good care of your skin and will remove inflammation.

How chaga in big chunks is different from chaga tea?

Antioxidant chaga tea

People often ask what is the difference between big chunks of chaga and chaga tea. The answer is - none exc

The reason why chaga tea in bottle is more healthy is that when you allow chaga infusion in hot water for more than 30 minutes, you get more healthy substances extracted from chaga by hot water. Whereas chaga tea in filter bags takes just 5-7 minutes for drink to be ready which is not enough time for a real chaga decoction. ept the size of chunks and the way of usage. Chaga tea chunks are 1-3mm and big chunks are 7-15 cm size. It goes without saying that chaga tea in filter bag is the most convenient form of chaga to drink. However, chaga tea in a bottle provides more potent chaga usage for health.

In a nutshell, if you don't have any particular reason for ordering chaga in big chunks, our advice  for you would be to purchase chaga tea in a bottle or in filter bags instead.

Of course it is worth remembering that for maximum health benefit one should consider purchasing chaga extract powder, and the higher quality the better. It would take years of daily consumption of chaga tea for someone to notice any visible positive effects. And consumption of freeze-dried chaga extract made from wildcrafted Siberian chaga makes it possible to improve your health or to strengthen your immune system already within a couple of months. 

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Dried chaga mushroom in big chunks
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