Absolutely incredible in its health-boosting properties, the substance called Betulin is finally available in our online store. It is no exaggeration to say that 95% purified birch bark extract is one of the most powerful natural antivirals available today. Betulin is particularly effective when used against cancer, liver and skin diseases.

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Betulin 95% purity!
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"Betulin, lupeol and betulinic acid have an anti-cancer effect by inducing apoptosis (programmed death) of cancer cells." - says Galina Mikhailovna Fedoseyeva, chairman of the Department of Pharmacognosy and Botany at Irkutsk State Medical University, Professor, Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences"

It is well known that birch bark is widely used in folk and scientific medicine. Externally, birch bark is used as a wound-healing and disinfectant.

Thin, self-detached layers of birch bark in the Russian people served as a kind of plaster for treating wounds and scabs. Birch bark of the wart birch and Manchurian birch is successfully used in Chinese medicine as an antipyretic and antiseptic agent. The bark of downy birch is used as a diaphoretic and "blood purifier". In Tibetan medicine birch bark is used to treat festering wounds, parasitic skin diseases, in Nanai people it is a part of ointments for treatment of severe wounds and is used internally for tuberculosis and stomach diseases. In Yakutia birch bark is used to treat abscesses. In scientific literature there are indications of treatment of malaria, dropsy and gout with birch bark

Preparations from birch bark have the ability to stimulate the active formation of endogenous interferon in the body. Researchers have studied the anti-inflammatory properties of betulin, which is a constituent of birch bark. The hypolipidaemic properties of betulin glycosides have been established. A number of plant extracts, one of the main components of which is betulin, show antitumour effects. Their low toxicity is noted.

Pharmacological spectrum of betulin action is very wide. In the treatment of skin diseases betulin has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and wound-healing properties. These properties of betulin have been repeatedly confirmed, for example, in standardised tests carried out by research groups of German scientists. Recent studies have revealed even more interesting properties of betulin. It was found to have a pronounced antiviral effect, as well as hepatoprotective (liver protection) and antitumour properties (cancer cell death). These properties of betulin are currently the subject of research worldwide.

Highly purified betulin is a powdery white, odourless and tasteless substance. Only betulin with a purification of at least 75 per cent should be eaten! Betulin with a purification level below 72% can only be used for external use. Betulin with a purification level of less than 72% may only be used externally. Betulin with a purification level of more than 90% promotes rapid healing of wounds and reduces inflammation. Folk medicine advises to simply pour betulin into an open wound, after which it heals very quickly and leaves almost no scar. The same happens in case of a festering wound, betulin leaves no chance for bacteria and viruses*.

Anti-inflammatory properties of betulin*

If an open wound is left untreated, it usually rarely heals without complications. This applies not only to large and deep wounds, but also to small wounds in weakened people who have impaired healing. The same applies to diseases such as diabetes, eczema, psoriasis and contact dermatitis.
A typical complication of a non-healing wound is bacterial infestation of the wound. This results in inflammation. In standardised experiments, betulin has been shown to markedly halt the inflammatory process by affecting regulatory mediators of the immune system. In addition, since betulin also has antibacterial properties, wound healing is twice as fast. Betulin also regenerates damaged tissue. This property was noted during experiments at the University Clinic of Dermatology in Freiburg, Germany. Here, under the direction of Prof. Christoph Schempp (Schempp), with the help of preparations based on betulin, successful cures of severe cases in patients who were not helped by long-term treatment with traditional means are carried out (

Antiviral properties of betulin*

Betulin is characterised by a wide range of antiviral activity.

Viruses are infectious particles that require host cells for their reproduction and spread. As a rule, such cells are somatic cells or bacteria. In order to defeat a virus, the action of antiviral drugs targets the infected cells. However, since viruses are very variable, they can become resistant to drugs, and then the effectiveness of treatment is lost. For this reason, modern medicine is looking for new approaches and active substances to fight viruses. Betulin showed high activity against herpes virus types 1 and 2 already in the first experiments of German scientists. Moreover, research continues on the possible use of betulin in the fight against HIV infection. Especially relevant is the use of betulin for patients with hepatitis C. Cases of recovery of people using highly purified betulin have been noted.

Betulin in dermatology*

The beneficial properties of betulin are widely used in the field of dermatology as an anti-inflammatory and anti-itching agent. Many cosmetic companies, add betulin to their skin care products as a toning and regenerating agent. Betulin's properties make it well suited as an emulsifier for ointments and creams. Betulinic acid has been under research for more than a decade for use in skin cancer treatment. Betulin promotes the differentiation of skin cells (keratinocytes), promotes wound healing and helps to restore the protective skin layer, harmonise and normalise disturbed skin functions. These properties are particularly pronounced in skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, contact dermatitis or in extremely dry skin. In addition, betulin does not cause allergic reactions.

Based on the practical use of betulin, it has been found that betulin has a pronounced wound-healing ability, also in cases of skin burns. Several cases with burns of the 1st and 2nd degree showed that when sprinkling betulin powder on the burned skin surface, after some increase of painful sensations in the first minutes of application, there was a significant reduction of pain and rapid healing. Literally the next day, clear signs of the healing process were already visible.

Antibacterial properties of betulin*

For humans, there are good and bad bacteria. Good bacteria fulfil important functions. They take up residence inside our body, such as in the intestines and skin. Some bacteria regulate digestion and others protect us from harmful germs. Bad bacteria include disease-causing agents, pathogens, such as the pneumonia-causing agent B.pneumococcus.  Betulin has a pronounced antibacterial effect. A similar effect of this action of betulin can be observed in the forest. While after the birch tree dies, its wood rots, the birch bark remains white for a very long time. Birch bark contains up to 22 per cent of betulin in terms of dry matter. Birch bark letters, as it is known, do not spoil and do not undergo decomposition under the influence of microorganisms during 1000 years. It is proved that betulin destroys Mycobacterium bacteria causing tuberculosis. In addition, it has been proven that betulin also stops the reproduction of fungi in our body. Betulin bactericides have also been successful in killing typhoid, tuberculosis and diphtheria pathogens. (Source - )

Hepatoprotective properties of betulin.*

Betulin has the property to protect and repair damaged liver cells. This is especially true for patients with Hepatitis C and those who regularly consume alcohol. Betulin reduces the toxic effects of alcohol on brain and liver cells, thus reducing the risk of alcohol intoxication (overdrinking) and hangover syndrome. To reduce the toxic effects of alcohol on the body and prevent alcohol intoxication, it is recommended to take Betulin 30 min before drinking alcoholic beverages.

It has been noticed by consumers: drinking alcoholic beverages in moderate amounts at the same time as taking pure betulin usually does not lead to intoxication. However, one should not forget that although betulin protects the organism from the breakdown products of ethyl alcohol and neutralises them, the load on blood vessels caused by the action of ethyl alcohol is not reduced!