Absolutely incredible in its health supportive properties the substance called betulin has finally become available in our online store. It will not be an exaggeration to say that birch bark extract purified to 95% state is one of the most powerful natural anti-virus means today. Betulin is particularly effective when used against liver and sking disorders.

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Betulin 95% purity!
Fully natural.
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It is a scientifically proven fact that a piece of chaga mushroom put into a storage box made of birch bark aquires more pronuonced health supporting properties as compared to the other piece of fungus that was stored elsewhere ... betulin, lupeol and betulinic acid have anti-cancer effect causing apoptosis (programmed death) of cancer cells."- says Galina Fedoseeva, Farmakognosii chairman of the Department of Botany and Irkutsk State Medical University, Professor, Doctor of Pharmacy


 The bark of birch tree has been widely used in folk and scientific medicine in many nations. The thin, self releasing layers of birch bark were used by the Russian people as a "plaster" for the treatment of wounds and boils as a wound-healing remedy and disinfectant.

Birch bark has been successfully used in Chinese medicine as an analgesic and antiseptic, diaphoretic and "blood-purifying" mean. In Tibetan medicine birch bark treats sores, parasitic skin disease, in Nanai folk medicine birch bark is a part of ointments for the treatment of severe wounds and is also used orally against tuberculosis and diseases of the stomach. In Yakutia people use grinded birch bark to treat abscesses.


 Studies that have been conducted during recent years, showed that betuline has valuable pharmacological properties: antioxidant, antitumorigenic, hepatoprotective, antiviral, immunomodulator, antibacterial, regenerate, antipyretic, bile-expelling. Betulin, its derivatives and other birch bark compounds also have been tested for effectiveness in treating HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), which can cause severe cold-like symptoms and pneumonia.

Unique therapeutic properties are given to white part of birch bark thanks to betulin - a substance belonging to the group of triterpenoids. White part of a birch bark remains white even when the tree itself has completely rotted. The ability of a birch bark to resist harmful microflora is also assigned to betulin. The pharmacological action range of betulin is very wide.birch bark

The very compound that makes the birch “shine bright white” has been tentatively linked to treatment for such devastating human ailments as some melanomas or cancer, several forms of herpes and even for AIDS.

Anti-inflammatory properties of betulin

 If open wound has not been treated in time, it rarely heals without complications. This applies not only to the extensive and deep wounds but also to small wounds if the patient has weak immunity and the healing process is broken. It also concerns such diseases as diabetes, eczema, psoriasis and contact dermatitis.

Common complication of untreated wound is the bacterial colonization of the wound and eventual inflamation. The standard tests proved that betulin significantly inhibits inflammation by affecting the egulating mediators of the immune system. Furthermore, because betulin also posesses antibacterial property, the healing of the wound occurs twice as fast and quickly regenerates damaged tissues. This property was observed in experiments conducted at the University Of Dermatology Clinic in Freiburg, Germany under the direction of Dr.Christoph Schempp. With the use of drugs containing betulin as a main ingredient, patients there are being successfully cured even in severe cases wheras the long-term treatment by conventional means didn't bring any desired results.

 Ancient Russian medicinal manuals recommend grinded birch bark for treating purulent wounds including prolongedly unhealing ulcers: "so that the rotten meat from the ulcer was eaten away, grinded birch crust should be poured into the rotten wound ".

 In treatment of skin diseases betulin has shown anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and wound-healing properties. These properties of betulin were repeatedly confirmed, for example in standard tests conducted by German group of scientists. ( Recent studies have revealed an even more interesting properties of betulin such as strongly pronounced anti-viral effect as well as hepatoprotective (liver protection) and anti-tumor properties (inducing cancer cell death). These properties of betulin are currently the subject of research in the world.

 betulin-in-powderBetulin is characterized by broad spectrum of health benefits mostly assigned to the dermatology area: anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, it promotes differentiation of skin cells (keratinocytes), promotes wound healing and helps to build the protective barrier of the skin. In short, betulin harmonizes and normalizes disturbed skin functions such as exist inter alia in atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, contact dermatitis or extremely dry skin. Moreover betulin has a very good skin compatibility and according to present knowledge evokes no allergies. Other pharmacological effects of betulin, such as antiviral, antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-tumor, tissue-protecting and its usefulness for the medical world are the subject of further research.

 Betulin contains betulinic acid, which possesses a wide spectrum of biological and pharmacological activities. Betulinic acid has antimalarial and anti-inflammatory activities. Betulinic acid and its derivatives have especially shown anti-HIV activity and cytotoxicity against a variety of tumor cell lines comparable to some clinically used drugs. A new mechanism of action has been confirmed for some of the most promising anti-HIV derivatives, which makes them Spotentially useful additives to the current anti-HIV therapy. Betulinic acid is specifically cytotoxic to several tumor cell lines by inducing apoptosis in cells. Moreover, it is non-toxic up to 500 mg/kg body weight in mice. The literature concerning derivatization of betulin for structure-activity relationship (SAR) studies and its pharmacological properties is reviewed.

 Fields of application:

1. Raw material for pharmaceutical industry;

2. Food industry;

3. Biologically active food supplements;

4. Main active ingredient in cosmetic products for skin care application ;

 In the white part of a birch bark there are other medical substances: betulinic acid, b - sitosterol, flavonoids, lupeleol and other. Examinations conducted in Russian institute of pharmacology, showed that the complex of substances forming the white part of a birch bark possesses high antimutagenic activity, capable of lowering the number of mutations in the chromosomes and the genes, the frequency of the appearance of hereditary changes in the organism. The antimutagenic action of the substances of white part of a birch bark is connected with their capability for the suppression of free-radical oxidation, and in the ability of white part of a birch bark to induce the production of interferons, which, as it’s known, positively influence the processes of reparation of DNA.The substances contained in white part of a birch bark contribute to the decrease of hypoxia and to the increase of the stability of organism to the oxygen deficiency, being antihypoxant correcting the metabolism of cells.

 Treatment of liver diseases is directed, mainly, to protect cells of liver from damages caused by different chemical substances.

The antioxidant activity of betulin is connected with its direct effect on the enzyms of the antioxidant protection whose basic functional role consists of decomposition of organic peroxides, first of all - peroxides of lipids, which play paramount role in the disturbance of normal structure of biological membranes. Substances forming betulin possess high hepatoprotective and detoxifying property. Betulin normalizes bile secretion, reduces cholesterol level in blood. Statistics testifies that in the regions, where white part of birch bark is traditionally used in household articles such as caskets, boxes and ducts for storing food products, people live longer and the index of oncologic diseases has been recorded as very low. Our betulin powder is 95% purity - biologically active! For example, cheap betulin that comes from China is not biologically active.