Biochaga - freeze-dried extracts.

Company Baikal Herbs Ltd is manufacturing a wide variety of plant and herbal extracts produced exclusively from wild-grown raw materials: wild grown mushrooms, berries, herbs and plants collected in the Russian Siberian taiga. The range of extracts is quite wide and includes: rosehip berries extract, reishi mushroom extract, Agaricus mushroom extract, Siberian ginseng extract, Rhodiola Rosea root extract, Leusea root extract, etc. No additives, GMO-free, China-free.


One of the most popular extracts today is a freeze-dried Chaga mushroom extract. All extracts presented on this website are freeze-dried water-soluble powders. Our Chaga extract is particularly well known in Korea and Japan but currently is gaining popularity among health-minded people in EU and USA. And we are proud to say that the quality of our extracts has long been considered as superior.

What is biochaga.

Biochaga is a wild chaga mushroom that has preserved its original properties laid in them by nature itself. Even though it has been processed into the powdered extract, this biochaga retains live bacteria and possesses a huge amount of melanin and antioxidants.

Few people are aware of the fact that Chaga tea offered by the majority of shops cannot be called biochaga. It is all about the ability of our body to utilize and digest health-supporting Chaga mushroom substances. If eaten raw, the chaga is not being absorbed  by the human body because we lack a particular enzyme called chitinase. This ferment is essential for our body to break open the chitin cells from which all mushrooms are made of, including Chaga. So the trick is to convert the indigestible form of Chaga into digestible one. It can only be achieved by applying the process called extraction, which employes either hot water or alcohol as solvents.  Both methods can be used for breaking through the walls of chitin molecule, thus providing access to the bio digestible substances of Chaga. However, these substances differ depending on which solvent agent had been used: water or alcohol.

Chaga extract in 100g bagsMost of the plant extracts available in stores and in specialized shops today do not correlate with the definition "bio". In most cases, these extracts are available in tablets and capsules and usually manufactured from thermally processed cheap raw materials. Also, according to our estimation, about 90% of all known to us food supplements contain fillers and colorants. In respect of their health-supporting value, such products are "dead."

We know firsthand that the real "Bio" product can be created only when the following conditions have been observed:

1. Raw materials are "live" and of high quality. By saying "live" we mean that the plants and herbs had been picked only from wild nature and were not cultivated on farms or in laboratories. Such high-quality plants and herbs are rich in microelements, macronutrients, vitamins. They do possess biologically active substances attributable to these species. For example, Chaga mushroom being cultivated artificially doesn't contain the most important Сhaga substance: chromogenic complex. Moreover, Chaga being picked from the European part of Russia doesn't possess the same high level of health-supporting elements as Chaga collected in Siberia.

2. The manufacturing of sublimated (freeze-dried) extracts is a rather complicated process that requires state of the art equipment.

3. "Know-how". Our experts are in possession of a secret "formula" that allows us to create this premium quality freeze-dried Chaga extract. As of today, we have no rivals regarding quality that cannot be replicated without the knowledge of "know-how".

Taking into account the above-mentioned reasons, it becomes obvious that the real "bio-products" cannot be cheap.

Baikal Herbs Ltd's Chaga extract is called "biochaga" also because it has not been exposed to high-temperature thermal processing. Therefore the DNA molecule of chaga remains undamaged. 

Real freeze-dried Chaga extract instantly solves in water and is quickly absorbed by the human body. As a result, you  can receive a powerful inflow of antioxidants which immediately start fighting free radicals hereby essentially improving your health. As you may know, the free radicals are the adverse electrons which cause damage to healthy cells causing premature aging and diseases, including cancer and diabetes.

Apart from Chaga extract we also manufacture mixed powdered extracts made from wild-grown Reishi mushroom, Siberian ginseng, rosehip, Rhodiola, Agaricus and other.

Baikal Herbs Ltd's Chaga extract "EcoZvet-Bio".

Chaga extract "EcoZvet-Bio" is a non-toxic product. It doesn't have any side effects and is not addictive. Health supportive effect of Chaga can be visible already after first ten days of regular consumption or even earlier.


Freeze-dried Chaga extract produced by Baikal Herbs Ltd has been tested in Brunswick Laboratory (USA) for its ability to fight free radicals. The result was impressive. This test report, called ORAC certificate can be found here.

The reason for extremely high content of antioxidants in the Chaga mushroom is the chromogenic complex (Chaga acids and melanin). Our Chaga extract contains more than 53% of chromogenic complex content! No other known mushroom has this particular set of acids. And this fact makes the wild-crafted Chaga unique mushroom. In appearance, the real freeze-dried Chaga extract has one distinguishing feature: glistening crystals, you can see them on the picture.

Thus by purchasing Chaga products from our company you can be confident that you are getting products of unsurpassed quality, made purely from wild-grown Chaga mushroom harvested in ecologically clean forests of Russian Siberia (Irkutsk region, Altai and Khakassia). 

Worldwide delivery is available

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It is very important to understand the difference between the effective, health giving chaga extract and the one with insignificantly expressed properties or in some cases even useless. Many don't pay attention to details and make decisions judging the products by its price only. The truth is, you can buy extremely expensive extract but it might appear to be not potent enough to provide you the help you were looking for. This article uncovers some manufacturing tricks about the chaga extract which can considerably change the extract's quality and efficiency and you would never know the difference..until now!


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