Our company is well-known in Russia and abroad for its high quality products. We manufacturer organic natural plant extracts and dietary supplements. We produce a wide range of natural extracts made from wild herbs, fungi and plants. Among our products there are some that more popular among our customers than others. THese are extracts of chaga, leusea, reishi, schizandra, rhodiola and rosehip. In addition to these, we produce a lot of other extracts. Our factory have advanced equipent enabling us to produce extracts and supplements from virtually any plant.

Being engaged in this business for over 20 years, we have achieved the highest quality level. As a result, our company has become known not only in Russia, but also has been recognized in the West. Currently we are exporting our extracts in more than 10 countries, including USA, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Great Britain, Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, and others.

The company has up-to-date equipment for the production of freeze-dried as well as spray-dried extracts.

Company profile

1. Stocking up wild grown and ecolocially clean plants ( herbs, berries, roots, leaves, seeds, bark etc)

2. Processing of the raw material ( dehydration, crushing, micro-grinding)

3. Manufacturing high quality extracts in water-soluble powders.

We use only natural and wild organic raw materials. We do  not use any taste enhancers, preservatives and GMO.

 Our company is making the complete production cycle from procurement of raw materials to the final, packagd and ready for use product.
Production facilities

  • Shop for production of freeze-dried extracts.
  • Shop for raw material crushing and grinding (fractions from 1cm nj 0,01mm)
  • Drying floor for berries;
  • Production line for concetrated jucies;
  • Bottling line for liquid extracts and juices;
  • Shop fpr production of water-soluble teas;
  • Shop fro production of packaged teas;
  • Packaging floor;

m1 m2 eq1
eq3 packaging-floor chaga-sorting

See the list of our international distributors here.