Extracts from the plant roots

Most of the extracts obtained from the roots of wild Siberian plants are called adaptogens, which means that they can normalize any imbalanced system of the human body. In other words, if you constantly suffer from insomnia, then the adaptogenic drink would help your nervous system to return to its normal state.  And this would not happen because of the sedative properties of the plant.

Let's have, for example, Rhodiola extract powder.  Depending on what your inner balance needs, the extract can either calm and relax your system or, on the contrary, invigorate and energize it.

Some of the extracts serve primarily as enhancers to increase the body's energy and awareness. This can be vital for long-distance drivers when they have to drive through the night without sleeping. Just a little bit of our amazing Schizandra Extract Powder would keep them awake for hours. And it is 100% natural! Now you can ditch the chemically loaded energy drinks.

In general, all of our root-based extracts can not only improve your overall health and mood, but also effectively increase stamina, physical strength, restore male potency, promote weight loss, strengthen the nervous system, improve memory, mental functions, and provide clarity of consciousness.

None of the extracts presented on this website contain additives, GMOs, or ingredients from China. Our adaptogenic root extracts are 100% natural.

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Article: RD-100
Physical and mental restorative, strong antidepressant.
Helpful against impotence!
VendorBaikal Herbs Ltd
2 500 руб.
Article: EL-100
Eleuthero extract increases endurance.
VendorBaikal Herbs Ltd
1 300 руб.
Article: Lz-100
Men's health.
Muscles,sexual strength.
VendorBaikal Herbs Ltd
1 900 руб.

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