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Dried chaga mushroom

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2 000 руб.
VendorBaikal Herbs Ltd

Pieces of dried Siberian chaga - this is the raw material from which all chaga products presented in our online store are made. All chaga passes sanitary, radiological and epidemiological control, so when you buy chaga pieces from us, you can be sure of its complete safety and purity.

Ingredients: dried chaga. Origin: Western Siberia

Packaging: 1 kg in a sealed polyethylene bag.

Shelf life: 2 years from the date of packaging

Size of chunks: 10-15 cm.

Storage conditions: dry cool place, keep out of moisture

The price does not include delivery cost


Warlito M. Mahipus
Looking forward to contact me asap.thx
Im from Philippines +6309989174293
Hello, unfortunately we do not export raw chaga chunks anymore. For export we only offer freeze-dried chaga extract in powder. Chaga chunks can be shipped to any Russian address though.
Warlito M. Mahipus
Pls im looking a wild raw siberian chaga mushroom
Thnx and more power!
Vlatko deskovic
Hello hello. Please tell me do you ship to Croatia and how much would total for 1 kg? Thank you
Hello, My name is Grace, and I'm interested in Chaga chunks. I want 500kg of them, and I need to know whether you can supply us that amount or not. Please contact me as soon as you can.
Thank you,
A. Steller
I would like to import Chaga chunks an extract to Germany.
Please inform me on prices and fright an custom conditions. Our idea is either to buy large amount or regular smaller amounts like 50 Kg chunks and 50 Kg extract every two month.
Thanks you,
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