Freeze-dry chaga extract


Chaga mushroom cut in two chunksChaga mushroom (Inonotus obliquus) is used in official and folk medicine as anticancer, tonic, cleansing blood treatment and as a painkiller. Regular consumption of water infusions of chaga fungus reduces pain, relieves heartburn. Chaga extract has long been used in treatment of chronic gastritis and other diseases of gastrointestinal tract, including ulcers.

According to science, therapeutic effect of chaga fungus has become possible largely due to high content of chromogenic complex (humic - like chaga acids and melanin). Chaga mushrooms also possess water extracted derivatives of phenol aldehyde steroid, pterin compounds, ash and other elements. These components stimulate host defences against adverse environmental factors, such as exposure to radiation, for example.

It has been found that chaga enhances protective body reaction, activates metabolism in brain tissue, reduces arterial and venous pressure. Chaga also shows anti-inflammatory effect not only internally but also when applied externally. The aqueous chaga extract has always been known as antitumor agent.

Cleansing and anti-cancer properties chaga has been known in Russia since 12th century, and maybe even earlier. According to chronicles, Prince Vladimir Monomakh cured  his cancer lip with chaga broth.
It's been observed that cancer rate in those regions where population had regularly been drinking chaga tea was much lower compared to other regions, where Chaga was not so popular. Stomach problems  in those areas are virtually absent, people look younger and live longer.

From medical point of view, chaga mushroom is an adaptogen and a powerful source of antioxidants. And this is why it can be  recommendable for use along with traditional treatments of cancer, diabetes, psoriasis, and as a tretament for cleansing of kidneys and liver.

Chaga supports the tone of gastro-intestinal tract and helps to get rid of constipation. Moreover, chaga has an ability to decrease serum glucose level.


Chaga extract in a cupChaga extract is more potent than just dried chaga. It's all about the concentration of substances called antioxidants capable to destroy hostile free radicals - the main reason people become old and sick. In this respect the freeze-dried chaga extract is far ahead of chaga tea. To compare, raw Chaga contains only about 15% of the chromogenic complex (humic chaga acids responsible for chaga antioxidant effect), while our freeze-dried chaga extract contains up to 57%!

Moreover, there is no point in eating raw chaga mushroom because chaga consists of chitin. Chitin is indigestible by our body. Therefore, the extraction with hot water is necessary to break open the chitin walls. Only in this way the health supportive substances of chaga can be converted into digestable form.
When you are preparing chaga tea you are making mini-extraction. But this is not sufficient to draw any considerable amount of biologically active substances from chaga. This is where industrial extraction proves to be much more efficient.

Many medical journals describe experiments showing that chaga extract contains substances which can:

  • Fight cancer and tumors.
  • Help in treatment of psoriasis.
  • Soothe and calm nervous system.
  • Produce a healing effect against various stomach diseases.
  • Actively stimulate immune system

Chaga extract antioxidants effectively eradicate free radicals. Antioxidant power of our chaga extract has been proven by Brunswick Lab (USA). The copy of ORAC report can be found here.

It is recommendable to purchase minimum 1kg ( 10 x 100g ) of chaga extract in order to secure non-stop consumpation withing almost 1 year. To achieve positive results, any breaks in taking chaga should be avoided.

Spray-dried chaga extract and freeze-dried chaga extract.

There are two types of chaga extract available on the market today. Both are produced by water extraction but drying method is different. One method is called "spray-dry" which applies hot air and another method is called "sublimation" (freeze-dry) where the moisture is being removed by the deep frost application (-35 degrees). The latter method doesn't damage DNA molecules of chaga and therefore such extract is more "bioactive" and potent, it is more "alive" than thermally processed one. And this is why freeze-dry chaga extract is more expensive.

These extracts have different organoleptic properties too.

Thermally dried chaga extract has light-brown color, its structure is dusty-like and it is not immediately soluble in water. Basically such light-brown extract has no more than 40% of chromogenic complex content.
Freeze-dried chaga extract looks like a fine, dark-brown or black powder containing solid glistening particles. It is istantly soluble in water and pleasant to taste. This extract has up to 57% of Cromogenic complex content which is extraordinary high number!


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Freeze-dry chaga extract powder.
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Freeze-dried chaga extract.
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Chaga extract "EcoZvet-Bio" is a freeze - dried chaga extract powder derived from a wild birch chaga mushroom. This extract is produced by hot water extraction process under vacuum with the subsequent freeze-drying. Sublimation (freeze) drying method unlike "spray-dry" mehtod ensures maximum concentration of biologically active substances.

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