Siberian Ginseng extract

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The extract of Eleutherococcus increases physical capacity for work and the ability to endure overload. 

Eleutherococcus root extract reduces the susceptibility of the body to infectious diseases, in particular to influenza, to various harmful factors of physical, chemical, and biological nature, reduces the toxicity of the drugs used to treat cancer, inhibits the growth and development of pathogenic microbes.

Eleutherococcus sharpens the eyesight, hearing, and memory. It tonifies the activity of the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Siberian ginseng extract moderately increases blood pressure and decreases sugar levels in blood serum.

Extract Eleutherococcus should not be taken by the following conditions: fever, hypertensive disease, myocardial infarction.

Sublimated extract of Eleutherococcus is a water-soluble powder of dark brown color. It has an almost neutral taste.

Packaging: 100g

Shelf life: 2 years


Jason Lee
Dear Sirs.

Pls kindly offer your best price for Siberian Ginseng & Rhodiola & Reishi Extract with CoA and Production Flow ex works please.

Also please kindly offer for Dried Siberian Ginseng & Reishi 100% in bulk please.

Tks in advance.
Brgds/Jason Lee
Dear Jason,

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