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Rosehip extract powder

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VendorBaikal Herbs Ltd

We offer a unique, freeze-dried rosehip extract in the form of a water-soluble powder. The rosehip extract possesses much higher Vitamin C content compared to dried rosehip berries or rosehip tea brews. It is a highly concentrated powder obtained by water extraction and carefully dried by the gentle method of sublimation (moisture removal through deep freezing).

Rosehip extract "Ekozvet-Bio" is made exclusively from the wild-grown rosehip berries collected in Siberia's pristine forests.

Once dissolved in warm or hot water, the powder reveals a pleasant smell, and its taste carries just a little bit of sourness, so it can also be enjoyed by those suffering from excess acidity.

This extract powder is easily soluble in water or other drinks like tea or coffee of any temperature.

The manufacturing technology does not include any heat treatment of raw rosehip berries and preserves a maximum of biologically active substances and vitamins.

Our organic rosehip extract is 100% natural, highly concentrated, water-soluble powder that doesn't contain any additives or taste enhancers. Also, we do not use any colorants or fillers. Therefore, the color and taste of the powder are entirely natural.

 Due to the naturalness of the product, it can change color to some extent, from batch to batch. Some people say they want consistency in color, but we cannot help it. Because if we're going to achieve 100% consistency in the powder's organoleptic properties, we must add some chemical substances. We haven't been doing it for more than 20 years and will not change our stance on this point. Our plant-based extracts shall remain entirely natural and clean of any foreign additions.

Another great feature of this fantastic rosehip extract is the massive quantity of bioactive vitamin C.

Thanks to the fact that this vitamin is a natural one, its excess will not be accumulated in your body's organs even if you overdose. On the contrary, the excessive amount will be removed from your body through your kidneys. That point is essential to know if you are taking synthesized vitamins. The matter is that when you take too much of them, the body tends to deposit these unused vitamins wherever it can. When this happens regularly, one day, you might suffer from adverse side effects of the vitamins.

 If you want to learn about the difference between synthesized vitamin C and natural vitamin C, please follow the following link.

Ingredients: 100% natural dry rosehip extract

Natural Vitamin C content: more than 14 g per 100 g of powder! (test certificate available).

Direction: Dissolve 1/2 teaspoon (0.5 g) in 200 ml of water. Take twice daily with meals.

Shelf life: 2 years

Packaging: 100g sealable bags. This amount is enough for an average of 1 month of daily consumption.

Please note that the price does not include shipping costs.

Recommendations for the use of the rosehip extract

We recommend taking 1/2 or 1 teaspoon per 200 ml of water during illness, two to three times a day, stirring in warm or hot water. You can also take it daily as a herbal tea, once a day.

To enhance the healing effect, you may want to add 1/2 teaspoon of Chaga extract and 1/2 teaspoon honey in hot water. The water should not be warmer than 80 degrees Celcius! With the addition of Chaga and honey, the therapeutic effect of the drink is becoming significantly stronger. Usually, the improvement occurs the next day (with acute respiratory infections, acute respiratory infections, flu).

Other information

Appearance: rose-brown or yellowish fine powder;

Packaging: 100g stand-up-pouch with zip lock;

Minimum order: 1kg (10 pouches). It would last for a year's consumption.

Manufacturer: Baikal Herbs Ltd, Irkutsk, Russia

Shipping: by UPS from Russia (tracking number provided)


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