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CHAGA EXTRACT (Freeze-dried)

The main health-promoting properties of the chaga mushroom are attributed to its incredibly high levels of antioxidants. Antioxidants destroy free radicals, which are constantly bombarding molecules in your cells, trying to damage them by taking away their electrons. When the damage is done, the molecule becomes a free radical and starts chasing the next molecule in the cell to get its electron. The chain reaction causes more damage to the cell, eventually leading to premature aging and disease.

An antioxidant molecule behaves differently than a normal molecule. When it is attacked by the free radical, it gives up its electron but does not become a free radical. In this way, it stops the chain reaction.

However, even if you take a lot of antioxidants, the scavenging and rehabilitation does not happen quickly. Your body has been accumulating free radicals for years. Even though chaga extract starts the cleansing process in your body from the very first sip, it takes time to break down the toxin buildup and remove the free radicals. It usually takes weeks, months, or even years, depending on your health and current lifestyle.

According to feedback from our customers, almost all of them have seen significant improvements within six to ten months of taking chaga extract.

Therefore, for those who drink chaga regularly, positive changes in their body seem to be inevitable within a year.

Of course, this doesn't mean that you won't notice improvements sooner. Specific positive changes may be visible within the first week of chaga consumption, especially for those who suffer from constipation or stomach problems (gastritis).

During chaga treatment, you should listen carefully to your body and notice any changes that may be happening to you since you started taking chaga. For example, while your primary goal was to improve your host defenses, you may surprisingly find that your stomach has begun to function much better.

Many people have also noticed that their appearance has changed: they look younger. This fact is so dramatic and unexpected that people sometimes refuse to believe it. This is how Chaga works, there is no doubt about it.

Rejuvenation occurs according to the laws of nature - chaga's antioxidants and a huge amount of melanin prevent your cells from oxidation, which is the main cause of aging. We strongly recommend that you order at least 1 kg (10 x 100g) of Chaga extract. This will allow you to consume it continuously for almost a year. Stable and regular consumption of Chaga is essential for the goals of the treatment.

Packaging: 10 x 100g sealable bags.

Suggested Use:

Dissolve 1g (½ teaspoon) of Chaga extract in 200ml of warm or hot water. Stir well until dissolved. Add honey or sugar to taste. Take 2 times daily before meals.

Shelf life: 2 years

Recommended storage conditions

It is recommended to empty the Chaga extract from the original package into a glass container with a lid. This will protect the powder from moisture. It is okay to store the extract in the refrigerator.
Chaga extract is hygroscopic - be sure to use a dry teaspoon.

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