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Agaricus freeze-dried extract.
For slimming and rejuvenation.
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Agaricus mushroomQuinine fungus (Fomitopsis officinalis)  - Agaricus.The chemical composition of Agaricus (Larch sponge).

Larch sponge contains Agaricales acid, agarikol, phytosterol, glucose, oksalik, malonic, maleic acid, polyacetylene, waxes, and carbohydrates. Agaricales acid has recently been introduced officially to the pharmaceutical reference books in Austria and Portugal.

Health improving properties of Agaricus.

In folk medicine, larch sponge is widely used as an anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, sedative means and in the treatment of gastric and lung diseases. There has been obtained various preparations from Agaricus which comprise polysaccharides and other complex carbohydrates, peptides, and ergosterol. These preparations are used in the treatment of neurasthenia, chronic bronchitis, and cardiovascular disease.

Until the mid-twentieth century, Agaricus has been recommended as a cleaning, bitter-tasting tonic, against bronchial asthma, nocturnal perspiration due to tuberculosis (Leaf and Hёrhammer, 1977). The powder of Agaricus and later Agaricales acid has begun to be used as angidrotik agent (an agent which is reducing sweating). The Agaricus mushroom was introduced into records of the Swiss pharmaceutical reference formulary in 1967.

History of application

The ancients called this mushroom Agaricus albus, i.e. white, cleaning, quinine or deciduous Agaricus. Plinius studied the properties of Agaricus and left a description of its main medicinal properties.


1. In a dry powder or dissolved in wine ше was used against bites of poisonous spiders and scorpions.

2. In the recipe of Mithridates Agaricus was to be used as potent adsorbent of herbal poisons.

3. Against stomach diseases (gastritis).

4. Brewed in hot milk of white cow - was used in the treatment of asthma, lung diseases and bronchial.

5. Agaricus powder dissolved in a hot infusion of currant leaf and honey - used against kidney diseases (chronic pyelonephritis).

6. Dissolved in hot milk with honey - fights pain in the spine (osteochondrosis), muscle pains.

7. The Agaricus powder dissolved in hot water with a pinch of cardamom - helps against constipation and problems with flatulence.

8. The Agaricus powder dissolved in dry wine - was used to dissolve gallbladder and kidney stones, and against TB.

12. Removes jaundice, edema, and dropsy.

Dioscorides stated that consuming tinder larch is the best way to recuperate (chronic fatigue syndrome, Nev plant, depression), and fight against aging. Preferably, dissolve it in hot water with grape wine or honey. Normal rate - 2-3 g per day.

In India, there is a well-known recipe against malaria: with white Agaricus.

In Russia, this mushroom has been used for slimming purposes because it reduces appetite.

In addition, decoctions made from Agaricus were applied for the treatment of pneumonia, as an expectorant for bronchitis, lung cancer, tuberculosis. The powder used for preparation of home-made rectal suppository for the treatment of hemorrhoids and anal fissures.