How to use chaga extract

This article has been published only for educational purposes. Always consult your physician.

Chaga mushroom freeze-dried extract manufactured by Baikal Herbs Ltd (Russia) is different from any other brand. This extract is 100% natural, made from wild-crafted Chaga mushroom of Russian origin, and freeze-dried. According to our observations, most Chaga extract available on the market today has been produced from artificially cultivated Chaga and with a spray-dry dehydration method. Why is it so essential to know which dehydration method has been applied to Chaga extract?  For the answer, please read this article.

Please note that all the below information is pertaining only to Chaga extract produced by Baikal Herbs Ltd because we guarantee our product's premium quality and safety. If you consume the Chaga extract of other brands, chances are you will get lousy results.

How to use and store Chaga extract

Directions (as indicated on the label of a 100g bag):

Dissolve ½ of a teaspoon (around 0,5g) of the powder in 200ml of warm water. Stir well. Add sugar or honey to taste. Take two times a day with a meal.

Shelf life: 2 years

Storage conditions and our recommendations

1. Once you open the original packaging, it is advisable to replace the content into a glass or plastic container with a lid. Tightly close the top of the container. By doing that, you will keep the moisture away from the powder. Store the container in a fridge or any other dry and cool place.

2. Because the Chaga extract powder is hygroscopic, it is essential to use a dry teaspoon when scooping up the powder.

3. Next, when you have scooped up the necessary quantity of Chaga extract out of the container, be sure to unload it onto the water surface! Do not immerse the teaspoon in the water with chaga powder on it. Otherwise, the powder might clot and stick to the spoon.

More simple explanation:

  1. Prepare a 200ml cup of warm/hot water. If hot, then water temperature should not exceed 85 degrees Celsius.
  2. Take a dry teaspoon.
  3. Open the container with Chaga extract.
  4. Scoop up the necessary amount of Chaga extract.
  5. Empty the teaspoon onto the water in the cup and stir well.
  6. Close the container.



Baikal Herbs’ freeze-dried Chaga extract is a highly concentrated and “bio” product. It means that we have extracted the most useful substances out of a wild-grown Chaga mushroom without applying thermal impact. Hence, this is not just ground and dried Chaga mushroom but a ready to use the product. Therefore, do not try to infuse this extract in hot water. Otherwise, the live beneficial Chaga bacteria and temperature-sensitive molecules of melanin will be destroyed or damaged. Once again: our sublimated Chaga extract is ready for consumption and requires dissolution in warm water.

General advice on consumption

  1. Try to take different amounts of Chaga extract. It is unnecessary to follow the official dosage shown on the package label. We mean that our 100% natural and clean extract powder is not a chemically created drug or medicine and is non-toxic. It is entirely safe.
  2. Why would you want to exceed the recommended dosage? It depends on your goals and expectations from taking Chaga. If you wish to strengthen your immune system and maintain general health, then the dosage should remain at about 1g of the powder a day. But if you have cancer or diabetes, you may want to reinforce Chaga's effect by increasing the daily consumption quantity.
  3. What would happen if you overdose? Considering the information we have received from many people taking our Chaga extract, even if you considerably exceed the recommended amount, the worst possible scenario might result in diarrhea or hyperexcitability. Those symptoms usually vanish right after the decrease of the consumption amount.
  4. There haven’t been any adverse reactions with chemical drugs or medicines if taken simultaneously with Chaga extract.
  5. Listen to your body - it will always give you the most specific and accurate advice. If you feel good, energetic, and some of your old problems (symptoms) seem to diminish – continue with the same dosage. If you notice no difference at all, then try to increase the dosage a bit. If you get unpleasant sensations - try to decrease the dosage a bit. We do not recommend abandoning the consumption of Chaga once you’ve started. Some minor unpleasant effects might be telling you that the beginning of the cleansing process has commenced. So don’t break it up.
  6. At the same time, you should not think that the more chaga you put in your body, the better off you will be. Sometimes, Chaga works better if taken in a smaller quantity but more frequently. Slow but sure - this is how Chaga works.

Folk recipes for the Chaga application.

Chaga extract against cancer

Russian folks believe that Chaga can be helpful for the prevention of cancer. Also, some doctors prescribe Chaga tea as a supplementary means to traditional cancer treatment. Chaga provides relief to cancer patients due to the high content of flavonoids and polyphenols (antioxidants), which actively remove free radicals.

Chaga mushroom helps the liver eliminate toxins and poisons, which is especially important when a patient undergoes chemotherapy. Simultaneously, the body may experience something like an inner “shakeup” that allows it to engage all of its defenses to the maximum.

The recommended dosage of Chaga extract for cancer patients:

1g (one flat teaspoon) of the powder solved in 200ml of water (warm or hot) five times a day. It is quite a high dosage, but cancer is not a small problem too.

Chaga extract application against diabetes

Nowadays, even conventional medicine recommends Chaga extract to patients with diabetes (at least in Russia).

Dosage: one gram (one flat teaspoon) of the extract powder solved in 200ml of hot or warm water taken three times a day.

The Chaga extract may help to lose weight.

Due to its ability to clean up the body from toxins, Chaga extract can be successfully applied for accelerated body weight loss. The following chaga drink may help you to achieve the desired results:

One teaspoon (flat) of the Chaga powder solved in 200ml of warm or hot water. Add a small chunk (a match head size) of propolis. Take such a drink three times a day.

Chaga extract against psoriasis.

Peroral use: One teaspoonful (flat) of the Chaga powder solved in 200ml of warm or hot water. To be taken four times a day before meal.

External use:

  1. Mix one tablespoon of Chaga extract with two teaspoonfuls of warm water. Mix it until you receive a very thick mass. Smear the damaged area of the skin with this black, sticky mass one time a day. Let it sit for 40 minutes, then rinse it off with warm water.
  2.  Mix one teaspoonful of Chaga extract with your favorite body cream (natural is the best). Mingle it thoroughly until you get a solid mass. Smear the damaged areas of the skin two times a day. Rinse off when necessary.

 Chaga extract against constipation

Chaga beneficially affects the whole gastro-intestantional tract. Not only it facilitates the healing of ulcers and, in the long run, helps to cure gastritis, but it also increases the peristalsis of the intestines. This property of Chaga will be helpful for those suffering from constipation. Usually, after a week of internal use of Chaga extract, people start to experience regular and easy defecation.

Dosage: One teaspoonful (flat) of the Chaga powder solved in 200ml of warm or hot water. Two times a day during the meal.

Chaga extract against skin disorders

The Chaga extract has been effectively used to eliminate or deteriorate various conks, suspiciously looking moles, villomas, or other new growths on the skin.

Directions: if the area of a problematic spot is not big, you should take one teaspoonful of Chaga extract and put there 1-2 drops of water. Mingle it together until you receive a solid thick mass. Smear this mass on the object you want to get rid of. Let the Chaga sit on it for about 40 minutes, and then rinse it off with water. Repeat this operation once a day for 7 days. There might be a prickling sensation and “strain” on the skin at the spot of application. If the mole or other growth is of negative origination, in 7 days, it will start to come off. For example, if the mole is natural and non-hostile to your body, it will remain undamaged.

Chaga extract for immune system boost and overall health support.

 Freeze-dried Chaga extract can be used against diseases or other health problems and everyday use as a health-promoting drink. The Chaga drink has a fairly pleasant taste and can be taken either in pure form or mixed with other beverages such as coffee or tea. Also, you can make a smoothy.

Chaga smoothies

Sublimated Chaga extract is a wonderful product for making antioxidant cocktails or smoothies.

Protein smoothy


  • Chaga extract powder (freeze-dried) – 1 teaspoon (1g);
  • The pomace of cedar nuts – 4 teaspoons; can be replaced with almonds, 5-6 kernels.
  • Raw flax seeds – 1teaspoon;
  • Bananas – 2pcs;
  • Honey – 1 teaspoon;

Blend all the ingredients in a mixer. When the drink is ready, enjoy it after physical work out.

Smoothy for a healthy breakfast.

If there is no time to prepare breakfast, the next cocktail may become a great substitute.


  • One banana
  • One teaspoonful of Chaga extract (flat)
  • A small chunk of ginger: about 1cm
  • One teaspoon of honey
  • One teaspoon of a high-quality cacao powder
  • 250ml of clean water

Blend all the above ingredients in a mixer and enjoy the drink! After such a drink, you would be feeling full enough to skip the usual breakfast.


To be continued.