Chaga study

In Russia a lot of studies  had been conducted on chaga in 1950s and were properly documented. Results of those studies were imprressive, especially the ability of chaga to stop growth of tumors and prevent from cancer. Cancer patients even in  their terminal stages  were experiencing relieve from pain and shown progress in getting back their health. Nowadays chaga mushroom still is being praised for its ability to eliminate free radicals due to high concentration of antioxidants. However, strangely enough, pharma industry and medicine are not interested in this great natural remedy and  today there are no further studies  being conducted on chaga in Russia.

There are some links about contemporary studies made by non-russian scientist, proving that chaga is indeed a very beneficial health supporting product.


  1. Antibacterial, Anti-oxident, and Anti-proliferative Evidence:

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  2. Lymphocyte protection against oxidative damage:

  1. Immune-balancing/disease resistance:

  1. Differences between mycelia and scloterium:

  1. Betulinic Acid as anti-inflammatory and immunomodulant:

  1. Antimutagenic properties:

  1. Chemical constituents and melanin:

  1. Polysaccharides and immune/anti-inflammatory function: clinical claims for Cancer.