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Can chaga mushroom alone cure cancer?

There are two most common questions about chaga. One of them is always the same: "Can I cure cancer with your chaga extract? Our friend, who is a healer and knows everything about chaga, gives his answer in this article.
24.05.2023 19:20

Great news! Chaga and Covid-19 research paper released

At last, now we have scientific confirmation about the power of Chaga mushroom to fight the COVID virus.
10.12.2020 14:09

Advantage of Freeze-Dried chaga extract before Spray-dried one

It is very important to understand the difference between the effective, health-promoting chaga extract and the one with insignificant or in some cases even useless properties. Many people don't pay attention to details and make decisions based on the price of the product. The truth is that you can buy extremely expensive extract, but it may not be potent enough to provide you with the help you are looking for. This article reveals some manufacturing tricks about chaga extract that can significantly change the quality and potency of the extract and you would never know the difference...until now!

02.03.2018 09:32

Amazing facts about rosehip

Rosehip is one of the natural products richest in vitamin C. It has been used for centuries in the folk medicine of many countries against various health conditions.

05.05.2017 09:33